I hugged Chris Hadfield

About a week ago the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, pulled me into his office. He asked Jason and I to make something special for a guest we had coming to the office... you guessed it, Chris Hadfield.

So we got to work on a painting for him. I knew it was a big deal when I started the project but I never really put it into perspective.

I was making a painting for the first Canadian to walk in space.

This morning I came to the office a little earlier than usual to drop off the painting before the rest of the office showed up for our quarterly all-hands meeting. Everyone was in for a big surprise!

Halfway through the event we had a break before our next guest. As the crowd settled down, Chris Hadfield was introduced to the stage. Everyone was as shocked and excited as you can imagine.

Chris was an incredible speaker. He was engaging and humble. There were moments where I had tears from laughter when he described making a music video in space and tears of joy when he sang a lullaby he had written for his daughter.

He spoke about bucket lists and how instead of having one with things he may never achieve or one that was half empty, he has chosen to try and fill a bucket every day. This is something from the half-hour discussion that will stick with the lucky group that attended.

@cmdr_hadfield & @dainal

When it was time for Chris Hadfield to leave, he was presented with some Hootsuite gifts and a hand-painted skateboard by Jason and myself. Hopefully this with stick with him as long as his words did
with me.

My bucket overflowed today.



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Daina Lightfoot

Daina Lightfoot

Probably riding motorcycles or lifting heavy things. Canadian designer in Denver, CO. Staff Designer @ Shopify